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Managed IT Services: A Quick Guide


IT services that are manages by a third party and remotely troubleshoots, corrects and maintains the customer's IT infrastructure is called a managed IT service provider. Usually they charge service fees or operated under a subscription. Most IT management systems usually charge a fee on a monthly basis and therefore maintains a monthly recurring revenue for the company, this is in contrast to IT projects that collects payments after the project has been submitted. There are service level agreements that are given and agreed upon by the IT management provider and the customer. This is a form of contract between the two and it outlines the performance and obligations of the service provider and the governing principles of the agreement.


Because IT service management providers remotely remediate and controls the client's IT functions, they have less manpower and more savings from their operations. Companies that performs IT services from this site on a per project contract is given a one-time payment whereas these IT management services have recurring fees. This form of revenue has brought more and more companies to the business of IT management.


The typical customers of IT management service providers are the small and medium type businesses and those with limited IT capabilities. Most large companies and even government agencies may face budget constraints and the IT management provider will be forced to supplement in-house IT staff. Cloud computing has challenged the business of IT management service providers as more and more of their customers are migrating to the cloud. IT management service providers must be able to find solution to this problem either by mixing their services as there are providers who offer cloud computing as well and have made it a part of their service and there are those that resell other capabilities of cloud providers.  You can also learn more about IT consulting services by checking out the post at


IT management service providers have a number of critical personnel from the service manager who take responsibility for the whole operation of the

Company. He is accountable to the agreements of the contract and makes it a priority to suffice the obligations of the company to their customers. The service manager has a team of his own and this service team includes customer representatives, subject matter experts and service support people. The business partner of the company is called the service sponsor. He is responsible for the acceptance of the delivery of a service and pays for the cost of the subscription. Get more facts, go here